Frequently Asked Questions:



I’m getting a video not found error and/or the video is not playing. Sort of like the picture below:


What are the fixes for this and reasons why im getting this error?


First off- I want to make this clear. All Videos here at EGFlix all work unless they say its been deleted or deleted file. If it says video not found, that doesn’t mean its not there or it doesnt work, it just means your connection is not connected to the server which hosts the video.There are many reasons to why your getting this error. Most of the time its due to your internet connection. It might not be fast enough or good enough. You need to understand that it is one server holding this video and probably thousands of other videos within that server. Imagine yourself and a few thousand other people trying to access the same video at the same time. Obviously some people will not be able to connect due to many connections all happening at once. If you have fast internet your most likely never to experience this problem but if you do here are some ways to get through it. Most of the time if you refresh/reset your internet and clear your cache this will solve the problem since its a connection error. But lets say if it doesn’t work then the only other option is to keep clicking the play button until it works. Remember your trying to access a video from 1 server that consists of over a couple of thousand videos with over a thousand viewers trying to access the server all at the same time. Clicking the play button until it plays is the best option since its basically first come first serve for the video connections. Your bound to be able to connect eventually.


I’m getting a We do not support this plugin error, what do i do?


This error really depends on what your using to view this site. Remember this website was mainly created for computer viewers. If your using a tablet or iphone or andriod to view the videos sometimes its not compatible since the videos need to be in mp4 format. All the new videos that we posted since Summer 2014 should all be in mp4 format. The videos before that are not in mp4 but are in flv format. Most iphones, androids, Ipads, or tablets are unable to play flash since they didn’t develop that plugin within the system. You would need to download a app for it. Look up flash plugins in the app store if you really wish to watch that video. If you still receive this error and you don’t know or don’t want to download the app, you can type in the comments below the video, “Requesting Mp4 Version” and we will get a mp4 version of the video. Remember we get instant emails for all comments in the Disqus comment box below the video so whether your requesting a download link or new mp4 video we will have it up within 24 hours of the comment.


I Wish to download the video but i don’t see a download button? How can i download it? Is there even a way?


NEW* 06/01/2015 – Update – So the video host has edited the video player once again to lower the amount of ads everyone sees. Theres a new way to download please click the Download Video icon to get your download. It will take you to adfly link and waiting 5 seconds press skip ad and it will allow you to download the mp4 video.


When do you post new tv shows that aired tonight or movies?


For all tv shows that are already on the list, we put them on once the release group releases it. usually an hour after the show ends or sometimes within the hour after the show ends. As for movies, We only put DVD/Screener/HDRIP copies of movies on our website. If there isn’t any except CAM quality, we won’t bother putting it on until the Quality becomes better.